Monday, May 16, 2011

A lovely evening shoot!

When Dan & Sequoya called to set up their engagement photo shoot they told me I could pick the day, the time of day and the location! So I said after 7p.m.!!

They asked a few times if I was sure there would be enough light, I just smiled and said yes it will be perfect! And the light was perfect... for a perfect couple! There is something about the warm evening light that really captures the warmth of their love and makes me smile :) I can't wait for their June wedding! Enjoy this fun little video highlighting their engagment session!


I finally got my blog looking like... well my blog! It's the correct colors has my logo on top, soon to have lots and lots of my pictures :) The one thing I would change if I could (and no mater what I do I just can't seem to..)the BLUE post titles. Can I change it does anyone know?? All the other options give me color wheel next to the font to chose from. The post title just gives me a font and size. Weird huh? I guess I will have to learn to live with blue... Or maybe not?? I just discovered text color in the posting process. All my fingers & toes are crossed hopeing for green... not blue!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Time! :)

Ok, after a lot of social media training and research, I am honestly going to actually start blogging…. not just posting photos of weddings and engagements but actually blogging about the sessions (and other things). Now to forewarn everyone… I am by no means a writer! Spelling is not my forte, so beware! Please dont judge my photography skills on my poor writing skills ;) I have never been a great speller but in the last year my spelling has truly suffered due to my strokes and brain surgery form last spring and summer. Last spring I had 4 (very small) left hemisphere strokes. In June I was diagnosed with moyamoya a very rare cerebral vascular abnormality that required brain surgery. Which naturally I wanted to put off until the end of wedding season as I had sooo many couples counting on me… but the neurosurgeon said saving my life was not something I could put off until it fit into my life, if I did I would be dead before Christmas and then I would have a life to fit anything into! So I worked extra hard to schedule my surgery to affect the fewest weddings I could, because all my clients are soooo important to me! I also found second shooters and backup shooters for any weddings I thought it could possibly maybe even a little bit affect. It has been a long hard recovery but everything is going well. I have found a new respect for life, everyday is miracle! And I am sooo excited for this wedding season to be healthy and be able to give my whole attention to my brides and grooms! YAY! Anyhow that was way, way off track! Back to the purpose of this post... I'm going to start blogging. While I guess if I had stuck to the purpose this first "real" blog post would have been too short anyhow!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Josh & Karen

A lovely Spring Wedding for a lovely couple!